Multiselect Optionset

Today I got a chance to see latest preview of Dynamics365 version9. In this article, we will see new multiselect option set. I created an entity and a field for this example. A new data type called multi-select optionset was introduced which looks and works similar to a normal optionset. I created a field and […]

Cloud Design Challenges

Recently I started reading Cloud design patterns. Any cloud based system will be presented with many challenges. I am trying to put my understanding on these challenges and patterns or practices available to handle these. What is Cloud/cloud computing? It storing, accessing and running programs over internet. Means these are not run in your computer […]

Portal Audience

This article is a continuation of my previous post i.e. Enabling Portal for Dynamics365. In this article, I will be talking about different type of Portal Audience options we find while enabling Portal. There are 3 different types of Audience a Portal can target to. 1. Partner, 2 Customer and 3. Employee. Under each of […]

Enable Portal for Dynamics365

In this article, I will be talking about how to enable Portal for Dynamics365. To start with I have already created a trail instance for Dynamics365 will all options enabled. Though it is not required to have all options, I created it so that I can reuse this instance for other examples. Note: To provision […]

Checkbox list Asp.Net view

Last year while working on a project, I encountered with a requirement about allowing users to select multiple options for a particular question. This was one of the requirements in most of the pages we planned to develop. Also second part of requirement is to make it generic so that there is no dependency on […]

Am I in right place?

I was so excited when I completed my TOGAF training. I was eagerly waiting for a project where I can use my knowledge and practice what I learned. As expected I was associated with a project. Luckily it was the one I was expecting. Super excited. What is it? It’s an enterprise project. Do we […]

Effective Conversations

Recently I attended a soft skill training about how to do effective client conversations. I felt like this is really a good training for anyone to carry out his day to day activities at work. The basic steps that we follow before any conversations are, Prepare for conversation. Understand audience and set expectations. Deliver. Take […]