Actions- Weird behavior

While working on D365 on-premise version, created an action which takes two parameters of type entity reference, one input and other output. Input parameter is an entity reference to Email template and output parameter is an entity reference of type Email. objective is to create and email from template and return the created email. However, […]

Programming in C#: Exam 70-483 (MCSD) Guide

At last our (I & Simaranjit Bhalla) book on Programming in C# exam 70-483 is out in the market. Below are the links from publisher site and Amazon PACKT – AMAZON – I would like to thank the entire publication team from Packt, our Technical reviewer Jasvinder who worked tirelessly during the review cycle of […]

Distribute VOC Survey via SMS

I was working on task where I need to distribute Voice of Customer Surveys via SMS. To send SMS from D365, we configured PowerSMS which works with Twilio to send SMS. The solution to send SMS is simple, create an SMS Message activity record using a workflow and set the status to Pending Sent. This […]

SurveyResponses VOC

Survey’s entity in Voice of customer provides us with a report to export responses. However, when you export, you see the questions where multiple responses are enabled are exported as multiple columns. Our customer is used to a format where these multiple responses come as one column with values separated by a delimiter. As the […]

CRM Plugin to Service Bus

Recently I got a chance to work with Dynamics CRM 2016 on-premise and Azure Service bus. Requirement is simple. When a record gets updated in CRM, a JSON message to be dropped in Azure Service bus. I know there is an option to register Azure service bus queue as a serviceendpoint in Dynamics CRM 2016. […]