SurveyResponses VOC

Survey’s entity in Voice of customer provides us with a report to export responses. However, when you export, you see the questions where multiple responses are enabled are exported as multiple columns. Our customer is used to a format where these multiple responses come as one column with values separated by a delimiter. As the […]

Work Orders Continued

This is continuation article to the previous one where we learnt what is a work order and its life cycle. In this article we will understand different relationships around work orders, definitions if required and work order status Work Order Type: This is a basic categorization of work like installation, repairs and Preventive maintenance. Priority: […]

Clear space in Dynamics365

During CRM Saturday Sydney, there was a presentation on creating more space in Dynamics CRM by Leon (MVP). I thought it will be useful to put it in writing here. We do end-up into situations where CRM online environment doesn’t allow us to create new entities or behaves weird during solution deployments. I observed that, […]

Multiselect Optionset

Today I got a chance to see latest preview of Dynamics365 version9. In this article, we will see new multiselect option set. I created an entity and a field for this example. A new data type called multi-select optionset was introduced which looks and works similar to a normal optionset. I created a field and […]

Addresses explained

Problem We have address fields on Account and Contact record and custom address entity available out of box. What is the difference? Observation Recently I came across a requirement to migrate multiple addresses in Dynamics CRM. As we are aware Account and Contact entities have separate fields to store two addresses on each one. Common […]