Work Orders Continued

This is continuation article to the previous one where we learnt what is a work order and its life cycle. In this article we will understand different relationships around work orders, definitions if required and work order status Work Order Type: This is a basic categorization of work like installation, repairs and Preventive maintenance. Priority: […]

Work Order Life cycle

Here we will try to understand Work Order and its life cycle. Work Order: Work order defines work that need to be done and is used to coordinate and schedule activities and resources to complete the work. A work order can be used for different types of work such as installations, repairs or preventive maintenance. […]

Forward Mailbox CRM 2016

Recently I was asked to configure a forward mail box in CRM 2016 on premise instance. I read about it but never configured one. Scenario: There are more than 10 mailboxes available for different users to receive emails. All these mailboxes were configured to forward emails to another mailbox as an attachment which is a […]

Virtual Entities

With July update, one of the important features Microsoft has released was Virtual Entities. Virtual Entities allow us to show case data from a external data source in Dynamics CRM without migrating it into CRM. By definition a virtual entity is an entity that does not have the associated physical tables for entity instances created […]

CRM On-premise Crashes

Last week I was working on CRM 2016 On-Premise Organizations to set up production environment. There was an existing Organization which I was trying to correct. When I browse the organization, it always comes up with error message that user doesn’t have permissions. I can see below message in Event Log as well under Classic […]

Limitations in Microsoft Flow

I was going through some documentation to finish a task using Microsoft Flows and found an interesting article on Limitation of Microsoft flows. Soon I am planning to post how we can use Microsoft Flow for code less integration’s. But before we proceed with any kind on operations using Flow, it is better to understand […]

Clear space in Dynamics365

During CRM Saturday Sydney, there was a presentation on creating more space in Dynamics CRM by Leon (MVP). I thought it will be useful to put it in writing here. We do end-up into situations where CRM online environment doesn’t allow us to create new entities or behaves weird during solution deployments. I observed that, […]