Enable Portal for Dynamics365

In this article, I will be talking about how to enable Portal for Dynamics365. To start with I have already created a trail instance for Dynamics365 will all options enabled. Though it is not required to have all options, I created it so that I can reuse this instance for other examples. Note: To provision […]

Checkbox list Asp.Net view

Last year while working on a project, I encountered with a requirement about allowing users to select multiple options for a particular question. This was one of the requirements in most of the pages we planned to develop. Also second part of requirement is to make it generic so that there is no dependency on […]

Effective Conversations

Recently I attended a soft skill training about how to do effective client conversations. I felt like this is really a good training for anyone to carry out his day to day activities at work. The basic steps that we follow before any conversations are, Prepare for conversation. Understand audience and set expectations. Deliver. Take […]

CRM for Mobiles & Outlook App

Dynamics CRM Online is available for Mobile phones and Tablets. In this article we will discuss few such restrictions/ limitations and move onto outlook App for CRM. More information on software and hardware requirements for Mobiles and tablets is available on technet. Mobile Apps features User can view recently viewed records but cannot modify. All […]

Dynamics CRM for Outlook

CRM for outlook allows you to access CRM data and features from outlook. CRM for outlook allow user to track email, tasks, appointments and contacts in outlook. System also allows user can also work off line. Here are the software requirements for CRM for Outlook Supporting Operating systems Windows 7.1 with SP1 Windows 8 & […]

Managing Instances

An Instance is nothing but a CRM database stored in SQL database. A tenant is nothing but an office 365 account. Each tenant can have up to 50 production instances and 75 non production instances. Each instance will get 5 GB of storage. With Admin access you can perform variety of actions at an instance […]

Dynamics CRM Online Subscriptions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is a cloud offering of Microsoft Dynamics CRM provided by Microsoft. Similar to other online office subscriptions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM online is managed under office 365 platform. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is also offered as on premise or partner hosted. Partner hosted is nothing but Dynamics CRM is deployed into one of […]