Parent Documents on Child Entity

While working on SharePoint integration, I received a request to display parent Entity SharePoint documents on child entity as well. To achieve this, I first enabled Document Management on Child Entity. Then created a flow to trigger when new child record gets created.

  1. Navigate to Γ  Sign-in and select your environment.
  2. Add a step Row added, modified or deleted.

  3. List All document locations for the parent record

  4. For each Document Location retrieved, add a new Document location for the child entity

  1. In the above step, you are creating a SharePoint Document location record where regarding object is set to child entity and Location set to Parent Site and relative URL as well pointing to the parent record.
  2. Once these steps are configured, Save flow.
  3. Now, navigate to Parent record and create associated Child record.
  4. Navigate to Child record, this should display Parent documents grid.

  5. Assumption is that, When the child record is created, Parent already has its folder created in SharePoint else location settings and relative URL settings may cause issues.