Associated Document Grid

One of the requirements that I worked in recent past is to enable Out of box SharePoint integration which seems straight forward. However, adding two new columns to SharePoint Document Library and displaying them in CRM is bit tricky.

Now looking at CRM Tip #1185 we can edit associated grid to have other out of box SharePoint columns. Document Associated Grid view doesn’t show custom columns added to SharePoint Library.

Another good tip from Linn’s blogs which talks about how we can add custom columns to Document Associated Grid. This is an extension to the CRM TIP mentioned above.

So, I have two different choice columns added to SharePoint document library. Now I created these fields in SharePoint Document entity with data type set to Option set and same display name same as SharePoint. (Choice columns mapped to OptionSet fields) However, it did not work for me.

Then changed the Data type of these fields to text keeping the display names same in both instances. It did the magic!. Both values populated in the Associated Grid. Changing Choice fields to text fields in CRM was also mentioned in Linn’s blog under comments section.

By adding these new custom fields in CRM, we are just allowing user to view the values. Updating the new field values is not possible. However, a custom solution can be implemented using Power Automate or Power App.