Agile or FRAgile – Where are we heading

Being an iteration manager, I still wonder if I am delivering the Agile Way. Below is as-is. I will post another on to-be.

  • Sprints every 2 weeks – Check
  • Agile Ceremonies – Planning, Review, Retro, Stand ups – Check
  • Developing, testing, Delivering – Check
  • Continuous improvement and continuous delivery (CI/CD) – Check
  • Best cross-functional teams – Check


Even with all this, there are still many things on in place. Yes, that’s how projects are across the globe.

  • Solution is not ready and it is still trial and error method.
  • Too many dependencies – Stake holders are informed
  • Pre-requisites not in place – stake holders are aware
  • Team is delivering work-around solutions in place of actual delivery
  • Rework and implementation costs to increase later in the year – business is aware.
  • Team is being pulled in various meetings (organisation-wide/ program specific).
  • Productivity of the team is 60% (40% of meetings?)
  • Too many meetings to track dependencies, short-falls, solution gaps, re-work due to solution change.

Why are we still delivering work-around?

Why can’t we take a step back, planning the dependencies and pre-requisites to be delivered (at least 50-60%) and then start our delivery?

Yes, I agree that we have organisation wide initiatives and need to stick to a delivery schedule. With all these compromises, will we be able to really deliver the value and the benefit to the customer? Please, give it a thought!!.

Agile delivery should be more planned and organised in order to achieve the quick turn-around times.

  • Team should be given all the time available post the agile ceremonies to concentrate on their work.
  • Solution to be agreed and accepted.
  • All the delivering teams should be on the same page.
  • All the architecture touch points are to be noted.

This is nothing but FrAgile and I am sceptical about the delivery and the final product.