Field Service Agreements

Here I would like to mention a few important points w.r.t exam preparations

  • Agreements act as a framework for automatically generating work order and invoices. The system allows you to define a work order recurring schedule for a period of time.
  • * One Agreements can have multiple schedules

    For example

  1. An Agreement can have a weekly booking setup and a monthly Invoice setup.
  • * An Agreement is not considered as Active unless its status is set to Active. By default, it will be in Estimate status.
  • When you create an Agreement, you need to provide, basic details like Service Account, Billing Account, Status, Price List, Taxable, Duration etc.
  • Upon saving the record, booking setup, Invoice Setup gets enabled.

  • * Agreement Booking setup is the record where the user can configure Work Order Settings, Preferences, Booking settings and Incidents.
  • * Work Order settings include, whether to auto-generate, Work order type, Days in advance a work order to be generated and priority. Work orders generated from agreement can be edited at work order level.
  • * Booking Settings include, Auto generation, Duration and couple of other settings. If Auto generate is set to Yes, Bookings are generated on Activating the Agreement.
  • * Preference include Preferred resource, preferred time, preferred window. This enables pre-booking of resources which can be viewed in Schedule board.
  • You can also provide, incident on this record. Once saved, Service tasks, products, and services get associated to Booking setup record.

  • Booking Recurrence button booking setup records allows you to schedule your bookings.

  • * If the Price list is not defined in Agreement/Work order, price list form product will be considered.
  • On creating Invoice Setup, you can define what products to be included in the Invoice. Invoices can be auto-generated. Similar to Booking, Invoice Recurrence button on invoice setup record allows us to schedule Invoice generation.
  • Agreements can be associated with Quotes, Orders, and Opportunities.