Field Service Agreements

Here I would like to mention a few important points w.r.t exam preparations Agreements act as a framework for automatically generating work order and invoices. The system allows you to define a work order recurring schedule for a period of time. * One Agreements can have multiple schedules For example An Agreement can have a […]

Unable to Import FSDemoData using Package Deployer

This was an issue I faced while working Field Service Demo data for exam preparation. Field Service Demo data is provided as part of training which can be used to understand the functionality. Package Deployer tool was provided to import few customizations and some data into CRM organisation. However, When I tried to run this […]

Field Service – Business Processes

It is important to Memorize these business processes if you are planning to take Field Service Exam. Work order Business Process Active à Schedule à Close Work order life cycle Agreement Business Process Active à Booking Setup à Agreement Status à Invoice Setup à Activate Agreement Purchase Order Business Process Draft àApprovalàSubmit à Purchase Order Receipt à […]

Field Service Administration

In Last two posts on Work Orders, we discussed basic information captured on a work order and how it is used. In this article we will focus Field service Administration where we define our configuration data like work order types, incident types, Characteristics etc. These configuration or administrative settings allow great flexibility and customization in […]

Work Orders Continued

This is continuation article to the previous one where we learnt what is a work order and its life cycle. In this article we will understand different relationships around work orders, definitions if required and work order status Work Order Type: This is a basic categorization of work like installation, repairs and Preventive maintenance. Priority: […]