Clear space in Dynamics365

During CRM Saturday Sydney, there was a presentation on creating more space in Dynamics CRM by Leon (MVP). I thought it will be useful to put it in writing here.

We do end-up into situations where CRM online environment doesn’t allow us to create new entities or behaves weird during solution deployments. I observed that, resources-in-use at 95%. At this point Dynamics won’t allow users to perform any kind of operations. This was the case in CRM 2013 online.

Recent versions because these restrictions were modified no longer we have limitation on number of entities. However, as storage is costly there is a need to address this issue in every CRM online environment.

This requires some cleanup to be performed where below options can considered.

Audit history

Identifying and clearing Audit logs. This can be achieved by deleting audit log partitions from Audit log management under settings. System may not allow you to delete the recent one though.


Can use advanced find to identify all Email attachments of specific size in Email Messages entity and delete them.

System jobs

Identify all completed system jobs, completed/suspended workflow and clearing them.

Also you can try third party solutions like EDS Storage analyser to help identify all the entities that needs to o addressed for storage concerns.