Multiselect Optionset

Today I got a chance to see latest preview of Dynamics365 version9. In this article, we will see new multiselect option set. I created an entity and a field for this example.

A new data type called multi-select optionset was introduced which looks and works similar to a normal optionset. I created a field and selected data type as multi-select optionset and provided all the options.

Below screenshot shows how this new field appears on the form. You can search for a specific option or user will be presented with select-all option. User can select individual items in the list as well.

On selecting option values, they are stored and displayed as comma separated items on the field.

Comma separated values in the form.

If you enable editable grid on the form, multiselect optionset doesn’t allow us to edit it. Instead user need to open the record and update. Below screenshot shows editable grid with multi-select optionset.

Edit mode

User can use the arrow at the end of the record to open and update multi-select optionset.