Clear space in Dynamics365

During CRM Saturday Sydney, there was a presentation on creating more space in Dynamics CRM by Leon (MVP). I thought it will be useful to put it in writing here. We do end-up into situations where CRM online environment doesn’t allow us to create new entities or behaves weird during solution deployments. I observed that, […]

Multiselect Optionset

Today I got a chance to see latest preview of Dynamics365 version9. In this article, we will see new multiselect option set. I created an entity and a field for this example. A new data type called multi-select optionset was introduced which looks and works similar to a normal optionset. I created a field and […]

Cloud Design Challenges

Recently I started reading Cloud design patterns. Any cloud based system will be presented with many challenges. I am trying to put my understanding on these challenges and patterns or practices available to handle these. What is Cloud/cloud computing? It storing, accessing and running programs over internet. Means these are not run in your computer […]

Portal Audience

This article is a continuation of my previous post i.e. Enabling Portal for Dynamics365. In this article, I will be talking about different type of Portal Audience options we find while enabling Portal. There are 3 different types of Audience a Portal can target to. 1. Partner, 2 Customer and 3. Employee. Under each of […]