Visual Editor for Business Processes


In this post will discuss about new Visual Editor for business processes shipped with Dynamics 365. The new drag-drop visual editor for Business process as well as Business Rules is similar to the one released for App and Flows.

New Visual Editor

Create a new Business process flow or open an existing business process in Dynamics365, it opens in new editor. Conceptually there is no change to the way business processes work, however in Dynamics 365 new editor with visual drag drop feature is introduced to create and edit business processes.

Below steps will explain how it looks like, I just created a new business process flow named it as Sample BPF.

Similar to app designer editor has a command bar at the top with few actions which can be performed on Business process. On the right hand side menu, stages, conditions, steps and workflows are defined which can be drag-drop onto the editor.

With respect to workflows, only on-demand workflows are allowed and can be triggered on either stage entry or stage exist events.

Bottom of the screen you can see mini map of the overall process.

User can add multiple steps and change the order of these steps at each stage. On selecting any stage or step and clicking on properties on right hand side will allow user to change the display name and other properties and apply them immediately.

Visual Editor allows users to add workflows to any steps which are associated with same entity as defined on stage and these should be on-demand workflows and are active.

Below screenshot show conditions, which is similar to how we have done in the past, but with visual editor.

System allows user to validate the business process and now provides a better view of validation messages.

In this scenario, when user did not add steps to the four stages and selects to validate, a red colour message is displayed on top highlighting the stages having issues.

New editor also allows users to take a snapshot of the business process which will be downloaded as image file.

With Dynamics 365, we are aware of App designer, Sitemap designer. Visual editor for Business processes also falls into same category and helps CRM administators/super users to easly develop business processes.