Dynamics CRM for Outlook

CRM for outlook allows you to access CRM data and features from outlook. CRM for outlook allow user to track email, tasks, appointments and contacts in outlook. System also allows user can also work off line.

Here are the software requirements for CRM for Outlook

Supporting Operating systems

  • Windows 7.1 with SP1
  • Windows 8 & 8.1
  • Windows 10

Supported versions of Outlook

  • Office 2010
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2016

*64 bit clients support 64bit office versions only.

Configuring CRM for Outlook

  1. To configure CRM for Outlook, ensure that the email address of the user matches both in outlook and CRM.
  2. Ensure outlook is closed before configuring CRM for outlook.
  3. After installing CRM of outlook, a configuration wizard opens asking for Dynamics URL.

  4. Provide the instance URL. Now you can either use windows credentials otherwise on click of next, user need to provide his credentials to connect to CRM instance.

  5. On Sign-in, system starts configuring organizations in your outlook.

  6. Configuration wizard allows you to configure multiple organizations into your outlook however, it is important to note that, only 1 organization can be synchronized. Also going offline is only available for the synchronizing organization.
  7. Going offline allows user to work with CRM data though he is not connected to network.
  8. When user goes offline, CRM data is stored into local SQL server express database. When user goes online changes made to the local express database are synchronized with server database.
  9. To Ensure local database size is small, system allows you to filter what data to be available offline and allows user to change these filters as per his requirements.
  10. While configuring these filter, users can also specify direction in which synchronization should happen. Previously there was no control while emails and appointments are synchronized. This feature is only available only for Server side synchronization
  11. Synchronization can be configured under Settings à Administration à System Settings à Synchronizations

  12. Selecting Synchronized field, will allow you to configure fields and direction for the entities, Appointment, Contact, Task, Phone call, Letter, recurring appointment, and service activity

  13. This section allows user to select offline filters as well.