Managing Users in Dynamics CRM Online

In Dynamics CRM Online, users cannot be added directly instead they need to be managed at Office admin portal.

Add User to CRM

  1. Navigate to office admin portal using your credentials and select Users in the right side menu

  2. Click on Add a user and provide user name and assign license

  3. On assigning license, you will be provided with other options like, PowerApps for Dynamics 365, Flow for Dynamics 365, Microsoft social engagement, office online, SharePoint Online, Project Online Service, Project Online Desktop Client, and Dynamics 365 P1. By default all access to all these are available, however you can turn off access to one or other apps.
  4. On adding a user in office Admin portal, Navigate to Dynamics CRM Online๏ƒ  Settings ๏ƒ  Security๏ƒ  Users
  5. Assign appropriate security roles to complete the process of adding new user to Dynamics CRM Online.

  6. Observe carefully, there is no disable/ deactivate user option in the command bar.

Deleting a User from CRM

You might have observed, there is no deactivate user on user form.

User need to be deleted from office admin portal which will deactivate users form Dynamics CRM online.

Non-Interactive Users

Also you can add 5 non-interactive users in CRM. Interactive users mean they don’t need any user licenses. Process to add non-interactive users is similar to the one detailed above however, once added in admin portal, instead of adding security roles in Dynamics CRM, navigate to Administration tab on the user form and change the access mode form read-write to non-interactive.

Navigate back to Admin portal and update Dynamics CRM license to the specific user.

Global Administrators

You can also add global administrator from admin portal. This option is available just below the licenses section. In this scenario, instead of Dynamics CRM license, user is given a global administrator role.

When a user is added as global administrator he is added in to Dynamics CRM as a system administrator and access mode is set to Administrator under Administrator tab in user form. This means, this user has access to customizations but not to business data.