Concurrency mode helps us configure allowed number of concurrent calls for a service. This can be enabled by using a class level attribute Service Behavior. Concurrency mode property supports 3 values. Single, 2. Multiple and 3. Reentrant Single: System restricts instance creations of the service to one thread of execution at a time. Multiple: This […]

MVVM Pattern

I am trying to present what I learnt today on MVVM pattern with an example and comparative study on legacy code and MVVM Code. It goes with an assumption that readers has experience with WPF. This design pattern is used for WPF /Silverlight kind of application. To start with, we all know MVC(Model-View-Controller), MVP(Model-View-Presenter) . Now it […]

Service Behavior – WCF

While working with WCF, one can use Service Behavior attribute on the service to define how an instance of the service can be created. There are three different options provided to achieve this feature. As shown below Per Call, Per Session and Single. When you declare InstanceContextMode as PerCall, A New Context object is created […]

Hello Every one!

Welcome to My Technical Blogs. In my first post, I am trying to blog some of my learning’s in the technologies I worked. Though most of My posts will be Microsoft related, I am planning to cover areas like .NET framework, ASP.NET, WCF, Dynamics CRM.